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How to Protect Your Watch's Crystal from Scratches

Posted by Stella on 2/19/2018 to Wooden Watches Resources
How to Protect Your Watch's Crystal from Scratches
It's frustrating when you buy a new wristwatch, only to discover an unsightly scratch embedded into the crystal. Perhaps you accidentally bumped it into a wall, or maybe your son or daughter got a hold of it when you weren't looking. Regardless, crystal scratches do occur, but you can often prevent them by following some simple steps.

5 Insider Secrets For Better Online Shopping Decisions

Posted by Jamie on 12/8/2017
  We will let the curtain fall on how to make better decisions when shopping online.  This is a must read.

The Best Forums and Facebook Groups For Watch Lovers

Posted by Jamie on 11/27/2017 to Wooden Watches Resources
    We know you will need to bookmark the ultimate infographic of the friendly communities for watch lovers. A great overall forum, and specialty forum (like a dive watch forum), or a brand specific forum will get you started. We don't even have enough good things to say about the great Facebook groups. Enjoy!

Eco Products In Fashion

Posted by Staff Effort on 9/27/2017
Explore Eco Fashion: the best way to find eco products in fashion, and how to decipher it all 

Save The EPA (infographic)

Posted by Jamie on 8/1/2017 to Environmental Topics Made Simple
This beautiful, interactive infographic shows what we are to lose if the EPA is terminated. Spread the word, we can stop this in the House of Representatives now.

5 Men's Office Wardrobe Hacks On A Shoestring Budget

Posted by Jamie on 3/17/2017 to Wooden Watches Resources
5 Men's Office Wardrobe Hacks On A Shoestring Budget
Men do you need help making your office work outfits last longer, or look better?   These 5 suggestions can do this with hardly any money at all, we all can definitely use number 3 on the list.
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