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The Best Forums and Facebook Groups For Watch Lovers

Posted by on 11/27/2017 to Wooden Watches Resources
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     You may be new to owning a watch, or have a closet full of them.  Either way, this collection of watch community contacts will keep you busy for a very long time.  You may wonder where to begin.  After you scan through the initial home page of the forum or group, there is a lot underneath the surface.  Explore the site beyond the first look, many hidden gems of information are in the sub forums or individual threads.  Register to find out, most of the time a simple confirmation e-mail will be sent.  Our wonderful resource can be used in a number of different ways. We know that it can be overwhelming clicking through the internet trying to find what you need. Keep in mind these 2 benefits:


1. Research

Look for the color scheme you like. Think about your skin tone, and where you would show off your new watch. Do you want to show what you can afford, or don’t you care? Pay attention to the many image displayed throughout the site, and notice the comments about the images benefits and pitfalls. Research pricing for the both new and used items, not only at the site you are on, but other forums/groups out there.  Then for better decision making check advertised pricing through a search engine.  A quick way to do this is to at Bizrate.  If you want to some inside information on how pricing /supply is handled online, check out this blog post.

   2. Community

There is no better way to find a niche of like minded people that these forums/groups provide. If you absolutely love a brand or watch characteristic, other like minded folks can lead you into news, new products, or tips for care of what you have or want to own. Some forums/groups have live learning opportunities in the form of live conferences, and get together in real life! If you are a store owner, or make money through watches somehow this aspect of the listings given will help you increase your reach and offer linking opportunities with others.

     As you click through the many links above you will be taken to a dizzying display of different web layouts, both commercial and educational. We would understand if you might need help making sense of it all. We feel the most important pieces of these resources are an easy to use layout (for instance quickly finding a brand) to save time, an active and on topic conversation to know if the site is worth your time, and if there are any major differences in how the site is managed.

   To save time we will cover the biggest and broadest forums in detail here. We also know many are looking for used watches to buy or trade, and need a sales corner that isn't dominated by overpriced stores. We place a high emphasis on forums that allow trade or sales between individuals.  Some forums and all Facebook groups cater to this need, and remains the best way to get an unbelievable deal.  

The Biggest and Broadest Forums

A watches forum will be the obvious first step to finding information depending on your wants and needs in a watch. The best place to start is a forum that's broad and wide, which will appeal to most.

On first glance looks very helpful especially the category of Brands page and the buying guides. You can tell this looks like a very professional site slick features easy use functions. Seems to be a place to go for information on a lots of different kinds of watches when you're looking to buy.

Sales Corner
Unfortunately there aren't any resources for someone looking for a used watch or wanting to trade.

On first glance this layout looks like it's a little harder to find if you're looking for a certain watch brand, but covers the watch categories well. We like to do it yourself post on how to repair watches and problems with watches after purchase.Looks like this one is a very active forum just like the first.

Sales Corner

does a better job on affordable watches meeting under $500. The layout does a pretty good job and finding specific brands although it's not as many. And a small sales corner doesn't look like the trade is an option.

Equation of time
has the same look as watch talk for him maybe the same software to generate the Forum. You can tell it's a much smaller community still active but smaller. I like the trades only thread. If you're looking for easy to find brand and style forums is not the place to go. On a positive note though this had a very big dive watch forum

is another Titan no watch talk forums much like watch you seek we like the community tab with it not only a sales corner but a watch repair forum even jobs listing in the watch industry they do a good job with brand forums not much in the way of watch styles. Also an automotive forum which is out of the ordinary the sales corner is only for watches only under $5,000 so affordable watches seem to be a little harder to find especially if you want to trade timezone is very restrictive on the sales corner with many many rules as to how many you can sell. Because it is so restrictive it seems like the businesses I have a lot of product to sell
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