Tense Trail – Model G4101I

Tense Trail – Model G4101I

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Part Number:G4101I

    Want to stand out from everyone else?  How about ooze a sense of rugged charm?  This watch will do just that with a warm sandalwood blend, and a sharp squared face.  We imagine how this watch could bring your boring office look to a new level.  People will ask where you found this watch.  Tense does a terrific job with the blending of grain and color with this watch, and because wood grain cannot be duplicated from watch to watch....You Will Own The Only One Exactly Like This.  How many other items in your closet can you say that about?  

    You do not have to worry about about size or fit, because this watch is fully adjustable.  Just add or remove links for the right feel.  Do watches irritate your skin?  This watch is hypoallergenic; the lightweight wood design will not irritate your wrists and hands like metal watches would.  We are also proud to say that this watch was made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood.  In other words...No Trees Were Cut Down To Make This Watch.  If you care at all about the environment, this is your way of making an environmentally responsible purchase and tell others to do the same.  We are ready to ship this to you free today, book an order with our latest SSL security technology we like to show off in the lower right hand corner.  We offer a 30 day return policy and a 2 year limited warranty, when do you want yours?

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