Tense Northwest -Model G4300DR

Tense Northwest -Model G4300DR

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Part Number:G4300DR

                    The beautiful contrast between the dark sandalwood and the African rosewood will leave you satisfied with your purchase for years to come.The contrast is reminiscent of a beautiful piece of antique furniture that has never lost its charm or beauty. This watch brings a touch of class with its small embedded crystals that blend perfectly with the lighter rosewood ring encircling the face. This model is not only visually superb but also multifunctional. The time display will show you the time in 24 hours, but also the convenience of a calendar and the day of the week. The movement of the watch is powered by Japanese Miyota movement, the same inner power that moves Citizen, and Invicta watches.

     This watch is adjustable and you have the ability to add or take out links to fit your wrist. The only thing you would have to do is contact the manufacturer to add more links. Wood watches are comfortable because the weight is barely noticeable.Wood watches by nature are not only very feather light, but also hypoallergenic. Your wrists will thank you for not having the irritation of a heavy metal band weighing down on them on day. If we have this watch in stock, Wholesale Watches Boutique will ship this to you for free. We will have the lowest price, check out our low price guarantee.  We are also proud to offer this watch through our partners at E-Bay and Amazon.  Feel free to shop for this watch through our links above.  

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