Tense Metro – Model G4302S-V

Tense Metro – Model G4302S-V

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Part Number:G4302S-V

    The dual color tone of the Metro is made combining of different grains of sandalwood,  creating a warm and professional appearance. We love the way the light sandalwood grain is surrounded by darker grain throughout the band.  Tense corporation like to show their creativity and uniqueness by mixing wood colors and grains.  This watch is adorned the color of royalty (purple), highlighted in gold, and surrounded by a ring of stainless steel.   The silver second markings, compliment the gold minute marking for  a very nice touch.  The grain in the lighter sandalwood seems to pop, and goes well with the dark violet face.  The hands of this metro are visible under low light conditions (luminescent) and the calendar at the 3 o’clock position is very helpful when checking quickly.   The inner movement of the Metro uses world famous Japanese Miyota movement parts, the same watch parts that power brands like Citizen and Invicta. 

    What is really great about this watch is that it is produces by 100% reclaimed or recycled wood.  This means that No Trees Were Cut Down to produce this watch.  You will be helping to solve an environmental problem by owning this watch.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could say this for everything in our closet?  This watch also comes with a generous 2 year limited warranty, along with the lowest price.  We will send this watch to you fast and free if we have it in stock.  Please, shop with our trusted partners above if it is not in stock.  If you find a better price, contact us and we will do better based on our low price guarantee.  This watch is very light compared to metal, and will not irritate your wrist like metal watches do.  Call, Live Chat with us, or email us with any questions.

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