Tense L7305Z Summit - Ladies Square Wooden Watch

Tense L7305Z Summit - Ladies Square Wooden Watch

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Part Number:L7305Z

Want to set yourself from the crowd?  Enjoy your beautiful look in Brazilian zebrawood, and shine with originality from the creative minds of the Tense.  The solid zebrawood watch is designed as both elegant and functional. The squared facedâ€Å¡ designed to work well in low lighting conditions, and the zebrawood will make your look both unique and professional.  
The wood grains are made with endless possibilities to grain patterns....so you would own the only one like like it. You would be an absolute original, and it gets better for years to come. The natural oils in your hands actually enhance the beauty. We like how this watch looks with many colors, because of its unique blend of darker and lighter shades swirling together. You would look great with this watch, in any number of outfits.
 Show that you care about the environment, own this watch because it is made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood.  No trees were cut down to manufacture this watch.  Is your skin sensitive to wearing a watch all day? If so this is the watch for you. This watch is extremely light compared to metal watches, and the wood is hypoallergenic. Wood watches are very nice to sensitive skin.
If this watch is in stock we will send this to you absolutely free.  If not in stock, shop our partners above and enjoy a warranty for 2 long years.  We will give you the lowest price, according to the low price guarantee.  When can we send this to you?

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