Tense L7007R Maria - Ladies Heart-Shape Beads Watch

Tense L7007R Maria - Ladies Heart-Shape Beads Watch

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Part Number:L7007R

   The charming, feminine style Tensa has given us in this ladies Heart shaped bead watch is a great buy.  Feminine, wooden hearts connected by gold beads on an elastic band will last anas a beautiful wooden gift for you or someone in your life.  The rich, warm rosewood grain will get you lots of attention...you just don't see many watches like this.  Wearing this as your everyday watch will keep you happy for years to come.  Tense offers a generous 2 year warranty, along with the 30 day return policy that Wholesale Watches Boutique provides. Why not own style, and provide for a cause.  Your purchase not only gives you a beautiful watch, it provides for Minnesota's homeless, and helps protect the planet.  Tense uses only recycled or reclaimed wood to manufacture this watch, meaning that no trees were cut down to make this watch.  Make a statement that you stand by your principles, and want to prevent this planet from deforestation.  We need our trees, and we need to protect them.  

    We love the feather light weight of this watch, making it feel more like a bracelet than a beautiful watch.  This watch is hypoallergenic, because the light weight wood will not irritate your wrist like a metal watch would. Just think you could end that itchy irritation from your metal watch after a long day.  We will send you this watch free today, right to your door quickly (if this watch is in stock).  We ship from Idaho, and we can make you happy quickly.  If you can think of a question just call us, send us an instant message, or send us an email.  You will not find a better price, or we pay you $20 according to our low price guarantee.  F 

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