Tense L7007I Maria - Ladies Heart-Shape Beads Watch

Tense L7007I Maria - Ladies Heart-Shape Beads Watch

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Delicate and natural wood will accentuate any look
Part Number:L7007I
 You will look feminine and unique in this Maria piece by Tense.  Feel like a woman, in heart shaped links made from solid dual tone sandalwood separated by stunning gold finished beads.  We love the delicate design, mixed with the originality of wood grain.  You will not believe how light this watch is, you will hardly know it is there (especially when compared with your metal watches that you may have owned).  

    The Maria is hypoallergenic, the wood structure will not irritate your hands like other watches do.  If you have skin allergies or irritation, this is the watch you need to buy.  You will finally have a one of a kind accessory.  The wood grain possibilities on this watch are infinite (because of the nature of wood), so the Maria you own......is the only watch ever made.  No other watch is exactly like it.  You need to stand out finally, and this will get you closer.  You will not have to worry about how precise this watch is, Japanese Miyota movement is what drives this watch. Japanese Miyota movement is what is used by famous brands like Invicta and Citizen.  

    Show everyone you actually care about he environment, you are buying a watch made with 100% recycled or reclaimed wood.  Yep, you are making a environmentally responsible purchase--tell others to do the same.

  Wholesale Watches Boutique will ship this to you free with the lowest price guaranteed, if this watch is in stock.  According to our low price guarantee, we will give you the lowest price.  You will get the benefit of 30 day returns and a limited warranty lasting two long years. Enjoy shopping for this watch with out trusted partners above is this watch is not in stock.   When would you like yours?

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