Tense J5803Z Washington – Octagonal Multi-Function w/ Studs

Tense J5803Z Washington – Octagonal Multi-Function w/ Studs

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Great contrast with a sleek face
Part Number:J5803Z

    You will impress your coworkers and friends your originality and professionalism with this Washington model.  The creativity within the zebrawood combined with the classical black and gold face explode with a design sure to made heads turn.  The watch hands are luminescent (visible under low light conditions) over a smooth canvas of black.  If you look closely the black face has small intricate design patterns coordinating well the gold marking for the hour.  We love black and gold combinations for a wrist watch, it seems to convey power and class.  Moving out from the face the bezel studs improve the watches intricate design.  This all culminates with the unique look of zebrawood, which finishes this watch’s design nicely.  

    The natural oils from your wrists and hands will enhance the grain for years to come.  Think of how good this watch would look with your work outfits, or dressing up after work.  Not only does this watch look great, notice the multifunctional dials contained within the face. The dials serve the purpose of scanning the calendar date, days of the week, and a 24-hour clock.  

    You will show the world that the environment matters to you, this watch is made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood meaning that no trees were cut down to make this watch.  Do your wrists become irritated from watches? If so, your wrists will thank you because the Washington is made from hypoallergenic and feather light wood.  The Washington also moves with precision Japanese Miyota movement to keep perfect time for years to come, the same movement that powers famous brands like Citizen and Invicta. If this watch is in stock we will send this watch to your door for free. Thirty days to return, and a 2 year limited warranty.  Shop for this product above if not in stock.  When can we start making you happy?


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