Tense G4302Z-B Metro – Men’s Wooden Watch w/ Calendar

Tense G4302Z-B Metro – Men’s Wooden Watch w/ Calendar

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Part Number:G4302Z-B

    What kind of style do you have?  Most of the time, we just put anything together...we understand.  Just add one unique watch and bam...your different than the crowd.  Zebrawood is one of the best looking types of wood out there, and would look great on your wrist.  This watch is unbelievably light and will not irritate your wrist like metal watches do.  The key is that wood watches are hypoallergenic, or great for those with sensitive skin. You won't have to worry about the right size either, this watch is fully adjustable.  Just add or remove links, it's easy.  If you care about the environment, you should make environmentally responsible purchases.  This watch will show the world that you care about our planet because it is made with %100 reused or recycled wood.  It is handcrafted by Tense (a leader in wood watches since 1971), and... No Trees Were Destroyed To Make This Watch.  Tell the world you are doing your part for the planet and tell others to do the same.  

   The natural oil in your hands enhances the wood grain in the zebrawood, to actually make this watch more vivid for years to come.  Guess what...because this watch is made from solid wood, the grain pattern cannot be duplicated.  No one will ever own another that looks exactly like it.  You will be an absolute original.  You just can't say that for many things in life.  If this watch is in stock, we want to send this to you free with the guaranteed lowest price.  We will secure your purchase with our latest security SSL software, which we proudly display in the lower corner. If this watch is not in stock, shop above with our trusted partners.  When would you like to be an original?

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