Tense B7305RD Summit – Square Wooden Watch Multi-Function

Tense B7305RD Summit – Square Wooden Watch Multi-Function

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Retail Price:$288.99
Slight Stripes on the face and a black ribbon down the center. Very Nice.
Part Number:B7305RD

     Tense has crafted another unique blend of their dark sandalwood and African rosewood in their creation of this wooden watch.  The masculine squared face is multifunctional, look at the handsome dials housed inside the lighter grain face.  The light face is a nice contrast to the warm rosewood composition, while the dark and smooth sandalwood lines the center of the band.  The watch will cover your wrist well, in that you can adjust this watch for size.  It is simply a matter of adding or subtracting links, which Tense makes very easy to do.  The hands of the watch are luminescent, or easy to read when the sun is going down.  The dials give you options for checking the calendar date, day of the week and the 24-hour display.  A nice touch for such a great watch.  The movement inside this watch is Japanese Miyota, which is the same watch movement featured in the worldwide brands Citizen and Invicta.   

     What is great about this watch is that the natural oil from your hands actually enhances its beauty, by enhancing the wood color and grain.  This watch is also unbelievably light compared to a metal watch with these features, and is hypoallergenic for those that suffer with skin irritations.   This watch is made from 100% reclaimed or recycled wood, that means that tress were not even cut down to create this watch.  That is a spectacular help to the environmental problems we face today.  If this watch is in stock, Wholesale Watches Boutique will ship this to you today for FREE. We also will have the lowest price.  If this watch is not is stock, shop with our trusted partners above.  Check out our low price guarantee that we are very proud of.  We guarantee to keep you satisfied and the Tense Company does to since 1971.  You can benefit from this by taking advantage of their long 2 year limited warranty.  What more could you ask for? 

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