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Eco Products In Fashion

Posted by on 9/27/2017

Understanding Eco Products In Fashion

When starting this website, I truly wanted to make a difference. What I was searching for is a way to offer something I feel is truly unique, and follows a personal cause. I know there are many like me, that want to make a difference in helping the environment in their daily spending. The only problem is how. I am an average guy, 2 kids, and a demanding job. I have tried to keep a rain garden for soil runoff to the street, kept a stinky compost bin in the back of the yard, and constantly watched the energy I was consuming in my house. It never seemed like enough for the earth. I started thinking that what if I can better choices for the environment with what I wear? It sounds like a noble idea, and thinking outside the box...what if my clothes or things I wear on my body (accessories) followed the same principle?

There it is, a light bulb flashed. What a great way to think about everyday spending, but also a great way to tell the world about a cause. The term used to describe this act is Eco-Fashion. If you are not familiar with the term, this can be briefly described as when a product is manufactured to lessen its environmental impact. This term could be used for describing sustainable ingredients (can be replanted after being harvested) or recycled materials (like wood watches) in products we use every day. Wholesale Watches Boutique embodies this term with our recycled or reclaimed wood watches. Unfortunately (like with many great ideas) this term can be used for gimmicky marketing.

The next question that is probably on your mind is... where can you find them? . That is where the “analysis paralysis” sets in with huge search engine results for small boutique style retail stores, and some major brands have thrown in their own lines. I will probably in the future try and sort through this dizzying amount of information for you, but for now you need a solid and honest directory. A directory is a fabulous place to get started in the hunt for eco friendly products online. In the online world, directories are usually biased. That may be a surprise to you but the companies with the large contributions get to be seen but the small business owner gets left out in the cold. That is why I need a directory with the following criteria. The directory needs to be free, and available to anyone that can operate their own retail space. I wanted to find a directory that can give you the most unbiased information possible in one place, because honestly who likes to search for brands over hundreds of search results. is great. This directory is free to encourage small business owners, has a plethora of categories (listed below) and gives thoughtful insight into the minds behind these companies. When you add that all up, I feel it is the best eco fashion directory out today.

Accessories | Blog | Book | Bridal | Designer | eCommerce | Eco Fashion | Educational Resources | Ethical Clothing | Fair Trade Fashion | For Kids | Housewares | Sustainable Jewelry | Lingerie | Made in Australia | Made in Canada | Made in USA | Made in UK | Manufacturer | Sustainable Menswear | Organic Clothing Brands | Recycled Fashion | Repair & Mend | Shoes | Storefront | Sustainable Fashion Designers | Sustainable Swimwear | Thrift / Resale | Vegan Shoes & Clothing | Vintage


What Now?

So now that you know what the movement is, and how to find it…what now? You can connect with a merchant and dive into eco products, but you may find yourself still on the fence. As mentioned above, the term eco fashion can be used for simple marketing purposes. This happens constantly with eco friendly home products.  If you really think about it, the idea of sustainable fashion is flawed because most of the products take water and energy to produce. If you browse another good directory (but a paid directory), the criteria used can be vague. “Slow fashion” seems something that is desired, because this term describes that idea of handmade or hand assembled products. This avoids the energy and waste that goes along with mass production. Also, the conditions of the employees play a part with working hours, child labor, union rights and wages lumped into their criteria. Recycled materials fit perfectly into this trend. Manufactures or merchants are using recycled steel for accessories, redesigning vintage clothing, and using recycled plastic or rubber for many products.

Why It's Worth The Effort.

The benefits to finding truly sustainable clothing or other products are real. The watches sold here are made from only recycled or reclaimed wood. That means that no trees are cut down to produce what you have. When using items like hemp, organic cotton and bamboo for clothing can certainly help the environment. Bamboo grows at an astonishing rate of inches to feet in one day. Organic cotton with plant made dyes need much less water for production. Hemp is one of the most sustainable ingredients you could wear. The ideal is simple, what is used is replanted. Manmade materials can be expensive to produce and ship, and without the benefits to the earth.


We believe it is worth trying to replace your wardrobe and accessories with sustainable products. You must have to define what matter to you though. Decide if you should take a narrow view of buying products that only fit a small part of the eco products fashion trend, or if you have broader criteria. However, you decide, you will be set apart from most the population. The majority of the masses don’t really think about how spending can help the environment, at least not consistently. Another bonus is that you will be able to show others that you care about your values. That will open doors start a conversation about what you believe.

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