About Us

A Message From Our Founder

     Hi I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jamie. I'm the president of Hunsberger Web Development and the founder of this site. Well my story... is I'm 42 with two children (plus a dachshund shown below) and I tried to do what I could for the environment. I started out small by recycling throughout the house consistently, having a compost bin, and another small things. Although, I knew I could do so much more.  That is when I decided to develop much bigger ideas to help the environment. I started shopping with the environment in mind. I started thinking about what this product will become when I no longer want it.  And I had a serious love of watches.  Those two passions combined created the store.

     I love wood watches. I love the way they look, the way they feel, the compliments they get, and finally the price. I noticed that there were a lot of brands that would only promote their watches.  We decided that was not good enough so we started monitoring Google in the US.  We want to bring you what you want. We strive to bring you the most popular wood watches that are searched for every day. In the beginning we are offering Buell and Bobo bird.  We offer BoBo Bird only because we like their designs, and we thought you would too.  Our main goal is to give you the top 10 wood watches searched in America. You may ask yourself why choose us. Well I'll go over some of the main advantages to using our site. First off I've always found that a site that doesn't offer free shipping shouldn't be trusted. I also found that the lowest prices possible should be offered. And what I'm really proud of is that we have a goal to help the homeless population in Minnesota. The weather is brutal up here and the homeless go through a lot. I've seen it myself. Your purchase can buy something simple as socks or maybe as complex as a tent or a sleeping bag. What we're aiming for is 5% of all profits to go towards this. This really adds up. As you read some of the product descriptions and the blog articles you'll see some of my writing.  I enjoy describing our watches and I also enjoy talking about ideas in our blog articles. I know our name can be somewhat confusing. We hope to ba source of inventory for those looking for a wood watch supplier. This is where the name wholesale watches Boutique came from. But just so you know our priority is wood watches only. We hope you'll stay and shop around. Don't ever hesitate to share any article that you can find here.